City Services


Organize that next city event and share it with the community at large in a matter of minutes. While helping the citizen stay informed of the happenings in the community, all from within the ".Os" environment.
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County Connection


With the .Os Environment in place any county department can effectively navigate the complexities of government with ease. Everything you need is right there when you need it..
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State Resources


Keeping tract of the latest in State affairs isn't hard to do when integrated with the latest in realtime communucations that is virtually inpenetrable while seemlessly connected.
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Federal Agency


Our federal services include the latest in data dissemenation. This ".Os" solution has been enhanced to facilitate proprietary government environments to help understand the availaible government program.
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Our Services

ConnectWorkz offers a varied degree of sofisticated tools that allow you to handle the tedious task of providing web services to a certain audience.


Our built-in firewall applications are second to none and allow you to customize every aspect of your environment from start to finish. .

Data Enctyption

With the highest degree of protection available for governmental deployment of services and information. You can't go wrong with connectworkz. We allow for the deployment of as many environments as needed with world class encryption. But there is no need to reinvent the wheel so we don't .

Data Analysis

Analysis is another inherent feature of our services. We provied the latest in open source analysis to provide you with on the spot, up to the minute data to keep you better informed.

Data Protection

Data has become a hot topic over the last few years so we take it very serious. ConnectWorkz makes sure all data is safe and secure with real time safegaurds in place.

Support Center

Our support center is always open to our customers and clients where ever they may be via our integrated UI.

Technical Service

Technical support goes well beyond simply answering a few questions and providing a boiler plate respons. We give you answers and either walk you through the process(es) or take over the machine to correct anything that may require more indepth anaylsis.


As it goes most services are monitored, but we only monitor the infrastructure and hardware unless we are calle dupon to do further monitoring by the client or user.

Environment Optimization

Optimization is a service affored every one of our clients and customers as it assists us to assist you.

Bug Fixing

You won't have to be annoyed with the pesky creatures because we operate on the principle that if it bothers you , it irritates us. We fix the problem before clients ever know there may have been one, (from our processes or hardware exclusively).


Only 10 Minutes For A Government Environment $100.00 / per mounth

Government Plans

Below you will find a sampling of the basic plans we offer government bodies. There represent the core services we offer to each So feel free to inquire about other products and services if needed.

City Plan

Designed to assist any small municipality to engage and inform their community at large without the need to worry about transparency
100GB Storage Space
500GB Bandwidth
10 Sub-Domains
1000 eMail Accounts
Control Panel & FTP
$100.00 / per month
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County Plan

When people need to know what's happening within their county we offer a rational, resonable solution to do that.
1TB Storage Space
1TB Bandwidth
15 Sub-Domains
10,000 eMail Accounts
Control Panel & FTP
$250.00 / per month
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State Plan

From mission critical legislation drafting, to concensus, to public dissemnation. It's all in a days work in a ConnectWorkz environment.
2TB Storage Space
2TGB Bandwidth
20 Sub-Domains
100,000 eMail Accounts
Control Panel & FTP
$500 / per month
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Why Choose Us

We feel any government organization should choose us because we are and represent organizations of any and all types. We understand organizations and their inherent needs.

24/365 Support

Our support is not ony a statment to passify our clients and customers, its a state of mind with ConnectWorkz.

Easy Start

With the friendly user interface its easy to get a ConnectWorkz environment establihed and fully setup in less than 10-15 minutes. We believe in a seemly, easy process in order to get you up and going.

Everyday Buckups

We're sorry to have to tell you this but we back everything up, we mean everything. We do however give our clients control of what is done with those backups.


Government organizations sometimes have very specific and unique needs and reqirements. ConnectWorkz fully understands that and offers customization of virtually every aspect of our product lines. (Contact us for specifice needs or requires).

Latest News

ConnectWorkz plans to launch a widespread, citywide, community based infrastructure roll out as early as January in the City of Detroit.
Sept. 01, 2016
1. ConnectWorkz Detroit
ConnectWorkz has completed and opened its first of 4 data centers in the city of Detroit, Michigan.
Oct. 01, 2016
2. ConnectWorkz New Jersey
ConnectWorkz has completed and opened its second of 4 data centers in the city of Newark, New Jersey.
Nov. 01, 2016
3. ConnectWorkz Atlanta
ConnectWorkz has completed and opened its third of 4 data centers in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.
Dec. 01, 2016
4. ConnectWorkz Los Angeles
ConnectWorkz has completed and opened its last of 4 data centers in the city of Los Angeles.


The support team is here for you. Do not hesitate to call upon us.

The Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple, it a promise to make sure we provide our clients with the best service possible under all condition. That's our guarantee.

24/7/365 Support

The ConnectWorkz support team is at work everyday to ake sure you never go withour the support you may have to count on someday. With that mission in mind they are availible around the world, around the clock.

45 Day Guarantee

If you feel that our awsome serve is no longer for you. We provide our clients with a 45 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

99.9% Uptime

ConnectWorkz feels that all provided services are missions critical to our clients and customers. That wher we treat it a our own personal service because each environment reflects on our company as each client or customer's reflects on them. We keep it up!