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Work or business, for the start of a new collaboration, that gaming environment, all these and many more start with the name. So choose the one(s) that best describe and fit you and the environment.


When you want the world to know that you are is business .co says enough without saying too much.
Email Notification
Whois Privacy
DNS Control
$10 / per year
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For that organization you've beeen meaning to start for some time. Well it's that time!
Email Notification
Whois Privacy
DNS Control
$15 / per year
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Whatever you need it to represent the .xyz fills the bill. It gives wide latitude in its uses.
Email Notification
Whois Privacy
DNS Control
$20.00 / per year
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Dedicated Name Services

Our DNS services offers yet another way to stand out without being to far out. Use a complex or simple combination to express your environment.
Domain 1 year 2 years Renew Transfer Whois privacy
.co $9.95 $18.55 $9.95 $8.95 $2.00
.net $10.00 $19.00 $9.00 $9.00 $2.00
.org $8.98 $15.30 $7.98 $7.98 $2.00
.biz $11.25 $20.25 $10.25 $10.25 $2.00
.xyz $19.50 $18.00 $20.50 $8.50 $2.00
.us $12.75 $22.30 $11.75 $11.75 $2.00
.info $9.95 $18.55 $8.95 $8.95 $2.00
.fm $10.00 $19.00 $9.00 $9.00 $2.00
.dev $8.98 $15.30 $7.98 $7.98 $2.00
.gov $11.25 $20.25 $10.25 $10.25 $2.00
.tv $9.50 $18.00 $8.50 $8.50 $2.00
.share $14.75 $24.30 $15.75 $11.75 $2.00

Name Features

Below are some select features associated with your name once you've acquired it

Whois Privacy

Activate the privacy feature of your name for that added sense of privacy and security.

eMail Notification

Ever wanted that special eMail adress but couldn't get through Google, Yahoo or Apple? Now you can with your very own domain name to enhance the experience of eMail. Plus think of the unstated benefits like no spam or intrusions on your privacy.

DNS Controls

Our clients control where their name goes and how it's being used. A good name is a good thing. Control yours by controling how and what it's used for.

Name Services

If you ever have to move or reloctae your good name we have s solution for you. Use the built in service feature when the time come.

Name Transfer in 2 Clicks

One - Click to choose the name(s), Two - Click to start the process, All done and ready to transfer.

Name Registration in 2 Clicks

Carfully choose a name that best signifies what you want to convey.

Type it in and see the results.

Name Management in 2 Clicks

ConnectWorkz offers a weath of name management tools.

This service is availible at all times if chosen during your setup.